2011 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1500 (Governor's Veto Explanation)

May 2, 2011




I have signed House Bill 1500, the appropriation bill amending the 2010-2012 biennial budget, including one item veto.


Without question, members of the General Assembly set aside partisan and individual differences to enact a budget this year that meets the critical needs of our Commonwealth, while addressing the structural budgetary issues that remain from the impacts of this great recession. I commend all for the cooperative spirit to make sound budgetary decisions and invest in core services such as education, transportation, public safety, community services for the disabled, and job creation. These efforts are important to both our citizens and our financial reputation. I applaud your accomplishment.


In signing House Bill No. 1500, I have exercised the authority given to the Governor under the Constitution of Virignia to veto specific provisions in the reenrolled appropriation bill. My veto affects the second year appropriation for public television and public radio grants in Item 123. Such grants are not core services of government, and especially given the scarcity of resources during these difficult economic times, such grants ought to be eliminated.


Therefore, I have vetoed the second year appropriation in Item 123 providing grants to public television and public radio stations. My veto action will return this item to the form in which it was originally enacted in the 2010 legislative session consistent with the Virginia Supreme Court ruling in Gilmore vs. Landsidle. The net effect of this action will reduce the overall appropriations for these activities by $424,001 in fiscal year 2012. I believe it to be an appropriate reduction given the discretionary nature of this funding and the realities which face us on the budgetary front. I am confident that the excellent work done by public television and radio will continue with generous contributions from the private sector.