2011 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1500 (Conference Report)

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JCC Consolidation and Regionalization Study (language only)

Item 400 #1c

Item 400 #1c

Public Safety
Juvenile Justice, Department of

Page 339, after line 45, insert:
"D.1. The Department of Juvenile Justice shall prepare a report on the future of juvenile correctional centers (JCC's) in the Commonwealth.  The report shall include: (1) an analysis of JCC utilization rates; (2) an analysis of local and regional secure juvenile detention center utilization rates; (3) a determination of the appropriate number and types of beds, including security levels, necessary to manage the projected state-responsible and local-responsible juvenile population; and (4) an analysis of options for providing regional transitional programs and re-entry services at selected local and regional juvenile secure detention facilities.
2. In preparing this report, the department shall consult with representatives of the following: (1) the Department of Correctional Education; (2) the Department of Education; (3) the Virginia Council on Juvenile Detention; (4) juvenile court service unit directors; (5) juvenile and domestic relations district court judges; (6) juvenile justice advocacy groups; (7) the Virginia Prisoner and Juvenile Offender Re-entry Council; (8) the Virginia Municipal League; and (9) the Virginia Association of Counties.  This consultation shall address the prospect of implementing a plan for: (1) the closing of one state juvenile correctional center and reallocating the cost savings to regional transitional programs and reentry services at selected local and regional juvenile secure detention facilities; and (2) identifying funding to be transferred for the purpose of reinvesting in such programs and services.  The report shall detail the feasibility and core components of such a plan and shall include a fiscal analysis of the impact on localities and on the department of the plan.  The fiscal analysis shall address state responsibilities related to transportation, education, medication, assistance to support security services provided directly by the juvenile detention facility, and comprehensive programming  provided on a contractual basis by private, for-profit and nonprofit  providers, based on evidence based practices.
3. The report shall be provided to the Governor, the Secretary of Public Safety, and the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees on or before October 1, 2011."

(This amendment provides for the development of a plan for closing a state-operated juvenile correctional center and reallocating the cost savings to transitional programs and reentry services in selected regional or local juvenile secure detention facilities in the 2012-14 biennium.)