2011 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1500 (Conference Report)

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Development of Cell Phone and PDA Policies (language only)

Item 4-5.04 #1c

Item 4-5.04 #1c

Special Conditions and Restrictions on Expenditures
Goods and Services

Page 497, after line 21, insert:  
1. The Chief Information Officer and the State Comptroller shall develop statewide requirements for the use of cellular telephones and other telecommunication devices by in-scope Executive Department agencies, addressing the assignment, evaluation of need, safeguarding, monitoring, and usage of these telecommunication devices.  The requirements shall include an acceptable use agreement template clearly defining an employee’s responsibility when they receive and use a telecommunication device.  Statewide requirements shall require some form of identification on a device in case it is lost or stolen and procedures to wipe the device clean of all sensitive information when it is no longer in use.
2. In-scope Executive Department agencies providing employees with telecommunication devices shall develop agency-specific policies, incorporating the guidance provided in § 4-5.04 k. 1., Code of Virginia, and shall maintain a cost justification for the assignment or a public health, welfare and safety need.
3. The Chief Information Officer shall determine the optimal number of telecommunication vendors and plans necessary to meet the needs of in-scope Executive Department agency personnel.  The Chief Information Officer shall regularly procure these services and provide statewide contracts for use by all such agencies.  These contracts shall require the vendors to provide detailed usage information in a useable electronic format to enable the in-scope agencies to properly monitor usage to make informed purchasing decisions and minimize costs.
4. The Chief Information Officer shall provide tools for in-scope Executive Department agencies to analyze usage and cost data to assist in determining the most cost effective plan combinations for the entity as a whole and individual users."

(This amendment directs the Chief Information Officer and State Comptroller to develop statewide requirements for the issuance of cell phones and other telecommunications devices by in-scope Executive Department state agencies to employees, requires these in-scope Executive Department state agencies to develop agency-specific policies governing these devices and to maintain cost justifications for the assignment of such devices to their employees, and requires the Chief Information Officer to determine how many telecommunication vendors should be used and the types of plans that should be offered to meet state agency needs, and to establish a requirement that billings from telecommunication providers be provided in a useable electronic format so that the Commonwealth and state agencies can make decisions to minimize their costs. This language is in response to the Auditor of Public Accounts audit of telecommunication device usage in the Commonwealth.)