2010 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Conference Report)

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Amend Language Related to VRS Employee Pmt Changes (language only)

Item 3-1.01 #14c

Item 3-1.01 #14c

Interfund Transfers

Page 371, strike lines 46 through 59, a
nd insert;
"DD.  On or before, June 30, 2011, the State
Comptroller shall transfer from agency and institution nongeneral fund accounts to the general fund amounts estimated at $3,491,632 the first year resulting from savings associated with the decrease in the state level of support for the  cash match on state employee deferred compensation plan accounts, pursuant to Item 469 of this Act. The Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall provide the Comptroller with the amount to be transferred from each agency and institution of higher education.  Constitutionally protected funds and amounts from federal sources are excluded from this action." 

Page 372, strike lines 1 through 4.
Page 372, line 5, strike "GG." and insert "EE."
Page 372, line 11, strike "HH." and insert "FF."
Page 372, line 13, strike "II." and insert "GG."
Page 372, line 16, strike "JJ." and insert "HH."
Page 372, line 19, strike "KK." and insert "II."
Page 372, line 22, strike "LL." and insert "JJ."

(This amendment amends strikes language included in the introduced budget transfer nongeneral fund savings from the proposals to suspend the state contribution to the employee cash match program and strikes language related to the proposal to require current employees to pay a portion of the retirement contribution.)