2008 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Committee Approved)

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Early Childhood Education: Update preschool PPA, add slots

Item 140 #11s

Item 140 #11s

First Year - FY2009 Second Year - FY2010
Education: Elementary and Secondary
Direct Aid To Public Education FY2009 ($6,763,379) FY2010 ($6,306,020) GF

Page 115, line 57, strike "$6,399,847,793" and insert "$6,393,084,414".
Page 115, line 57, strike "$6,599,719,818" and insert "$6,593,413,798".
Page 141, strike line 4 and insert: "15. Virginia's Preschool Investment: At-Risk Four-Year-Olds."
Page 141, line 46, after "ranging from" insert "$5,700 to $6,000 per pupil in the first year and from"
Page 141, line 46, after "$6,790 per pupil" insert "the second year".
Page 141, strike line 48 after "program."
Page 141, strike lines 49 through 54.
Page 141, strike lines 55 and 56.
Page 142, line 1, strike "is funded in each locality." and insert "2)"
Page 142, line 4, strike "through the funding allocations in paragraphs c.1)"
Page 142, line 5, strike "through c.3)"
Page 142, after line 8, insert: "$5,700 to $6,000 per pupil the first year and".
Page 142, line 9, after "$5,700 to $6,790 per pupil" insert "the second year".
Page 142, line 12, strike "In determining the state and".
Page 142, strike line 13.
Page 142, line 14, strike "ability-to-pay is capped at 0.5000."
Page 142, line 30, strike "capped at 0.5000".
Page 142, line 46, strike "The number of eligible students".
Page 142, strike lines 47 through 49.
Page 143, strike lines 13 through 59.
Page 144, strike lines 1 through 48.
Page 146, strike lines 12 through 16 and insert:
"The Department of Education is authorized to expend unobligated balances in this item if participation is greater than projected.  The Department is also authorized to expend unobligated balances in this program for grants to qualifying schools and community-based groups for one-time expenses, other than capital, related to start-up or expansion of programs.".

(This amendment makes several changes to proposals in the introduced budget regarding the early childhood education program for disadvantaged four-year-olds unserved by Head Start. Under this amendment, funding totals $61.4 million the first year and $76.7 million the second year, including $14.9 million NGF, up from $53.1 million in Chapter 847 of 2007. This reflects 1) the state's share of an updated per pupil amount from $5,700 to a maximum of $6,000 the first year and $6,790 the second year, based on prevailing costs, 2) an increase in slots by adding 10 percent of the reduced-lunch eligibility count the first year and 20 percent the second year, to the current basis of 100 percent of free-lunch eligiblity, and 3) consistent with historical budget practice for this program, estimated non-participation savings. Utilization of funding is estimated at 81 percent the first year and 85 percent the second year, up from 75 percent actual experience in FY 2008.)