2008 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Floor Approved)

Andy Guest Cabins

Item C-110.50 #1h

Item C-110.50 #1h

First Year - FY2009 Second Year - FY2010
Natural Resources
Conservation and Recreation, Department of FY2009 $2,425,000 FY2010 $0 NGF

Page 467, after line 37, insert:
1. The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) shall have the authority as a pilot project to construct and equip six additional cabins and associated site improvements at Andy Guest State Park using the existing competitive negotiation process with the following modifications to select the successful bidder: (1) DCR, through an open RFP process, may select and negotiate with potential contractors and select from among the applicants the best contractor based on the agency’s criteria, including, but not limited to, cost effectiveness and expertise; (2) DCR is exempt from the current $250,000 project limit for competitive negotiation; (3) DCR shall report to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees the status of the competitive negotiations prior to the acceptance of the contract.
2. The Department of Conservation and Recreation shall also complete a “value engineering” study for the approved prototype cabins to determine if adjustments are warranted in future cabin construction projects and shall report its findings on the study and this pilot project to the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees within six months of completing the project.
3. The unexpended funds remaining at the completion of the project shall be retained by DCR for use in park construction projects or for maintenance reserve projects.
4. Included in this item is $400,000 the first year from nongeneral funds to equip the Visitor Center at Andy Guest State Park."

"C-110.50 Andy Guest State Park Cabins and Visitor Center Equipment
Fund Sources: Bond Proceeds

(This amendment provides bond proceeds from the Virginia Public Building Authority for the construction of six cabins and for visitor center equipment at Andy Guest State Park. )