2008 Session

Budget Amendments - HB29 (Committee Approved)

Remove Remaining Transfer Grant

Item 455.3 #1h

Item 455.3 #1h

First Year - FY2007 Second Year - FY2008
Central Appropriations
Central Appropriations FY2007 $0 FY2008 ($200,000) GF

Page 194, line 17, strike "($271,964,163)" and insert "($272,164,163)".
Page 216, strike lines 47 through 53.
Page 216, line 54, strike "OOOO" and inset "NNNN".

(This amendment removes the remaining funds the two-year grant. The budget as introduced proposed the removal $1.6 million of the $1.8 million provided by the 2007 Session of the General Assembly because the first awards will not be issued until the fall of 2007 in fiscal year 2010. This amendment removes the remaining $200,000. The amendment will be enrolled against Item 463.20, Chapter 847 of the Acts of Assembly of 2007.)