2007 Session

Budget Amendments - SB750 (Member Request)

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Chief Patron: Wagner
Co-Patron(s): Colgan, Hawkins, Lambert, Norment, Saslaw, Wampler
VA Coastal Energy Research Consortium

Item 250 #1s

Item 250 #1s

First Year - FY2007 Second Year - FY2008
Education: Higher Education
Higher Education Research Initiative FY2007 $0 FY2008 $2,000,000 GF

Page 253, line 40, strike "$2,800,000" and insert "$4,800,000".
Page 254, after line 49, insert:
"6.a.  Out of the amounts for this Item, an amount of $2,000,000 the second year from the general fund shall be distributed to the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium (VCERC) for research and development of Virginia's marine renewable energy resources, with an initial focus on offshore winds, waves, and marine biomass.  The distribution of funds to VCERC member institutions shall be as follows:  $150,000 for James Madison University, $75,000 for Norfolk State University, $875,000 for Old Dominion University, $150,000 for Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, and $250,000 for Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute.
b.  The above funds shall be used to support these VCERC activities: (a) Characterization of offshore wind environment and extreme wave and current conditions and seafloor anchoring and foundation properties to be carried out by Old Dominion University and Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute; (b) Estimate of economic benefits and identification of workforce training and entrepreneurial development needs to support a marine renewable energy industry in the Tidewater region to be carried out by Old Dominion University, Norfolk State University, and an industry partner; (c) Development of GIS map for other uses of Virginia's outer continental shelf, including military, shipping, and commercial fishing, and identification of areas with minimal potential conflict to be carried out by Old Dominion University and James Madison University; (d) Development of  GIS map of flyways of migratory shorebirds, pelagic birds, and potential storm impacts on migratory patterns, as well as baseline assessment of offshore benthic communities to be carried out by the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and James Madison University; (e) Assessment of potential environmental effects of commercial offshore wind power development to be carried out by Old Dominion University and Virginia Institute of Marine Science; (f) Engineering studies of innovative technology for deep-water moorings and platforms, integration of hybrid project concepts, and long-distance submarine power cable transmission to be carried out by Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute and an industry partner; (g) Engagement with Mineral Management Service (MMS) rulemaking and leasing program development for Virginia's outer continental shelf, to ensure favorable regulatory environment and to promote federal revenue sharing with the state to be carried out by Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute; (h) Investigation of potential offshore solar energy applications to be carried out by Norfolk State University; (i) Independent validation of emerging technology innovations that minimize ocean space requirements for offshore wind energy to be carried out by James Madison University, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute and an industry partner; (j) Extension of existing undergraduate curriculum in renewable energy to include coastal energy topics to be carried out by James Madison University; (k) Measurement program and pre-feasibility study of wave-powered desalination application to recharge coastal aquifers threatened by sea level rise to be carried out by Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute and Old Dominion University; and (l) Literature review and preliminary planning to conduct long-term research on marine biomass as a source of liquid or gaseous fuels to be carried out by Old Dominion University and James Madison University.
c.  A sum of $500,000 from this initiative shall be set aside for cost-sharing on proposals submitted in response to federal research and development funding opportunities from the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, and other federal agencies.  These cost-sharing funds shall be allocated by the VCERC Board of Directors on a competitive basis, and only proposals involving at least three VCERC institutions working together shall be eligible for cost-sharing.  Old Dominion University will fund the support for the VCERC organization as required and provide industry sub-contracting as appropriate to support research and industry collaboration.
d.  It is intended that VCERC shall operate following the administrative model of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium, employing Old Dominion Research Foundation as its fiscal agent.
e.  These funds shall not be released to VCERC or any of the member institutions until documented financial investments of $2,000,000 in federal or other nonstate dollars for research activities directly related to this appropriation are submitted."

(This amendment provides $2.0 million GF for a variety of research activities affecting Virginia's coastal resources.)