2007 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1650 (Conference Report)

Higher Education Project Cost Overruns

Item C-325.10 #1c

Item C-325.10 #1c

First Year - FY2007 Second Year - FY2008
Central Appropriations
Central Capital Outlay FY2007 $102,274,920 FY2008 $0 GF

Page 601, after line 38, insert:
A.  Included in this item is $102,274,920 the second year from the general fund to provide funding to address the recent market escalation of construction costs associated with the following construction projects:
Agency / Institution  Project Code           Project Title
University of Virginia 17467  Expand South Chiller Plant
University of Virginia 17107  McLeod Hall Addition
University of Virginia 16788  Gilmer Teaching Labs
University of Virginia 16283  Renovate Fayerweather Hall
Virginia State University 16799  Renovate Gandy Hall
Virginia State University 17016  Renovate Gandy Hall   Temporary Facilities
University of Virginia-Wise 16830  Renovate / Expand Drama Building
University of Virginia-Wise 17362  Smiddy Hall
University of Virginia-Wise 17451  Renovate Science Building
University of Mary Washington 16594  Lee Hall Renovation and Addition
James Madison University 16808  CISAT Library
James Madison University 16806  Center for the Arts
James Madison University 16807  Music Recital Hall
Radford University 16818   Renovate Porterfield and Davis Hall
Old Dominion University 16817  Construct Physical Science Building, Phase II
Old Dominion University 16818  Renovate Batten Arts and  Letters Building
Virginia Military Institute 17303  Expand Barracks
Virginia Tech 16796  Construct Building Construction Facility
Virginia Tech 17291  Construct ICTAS, Phase II
Virginia Tech 16792  Cowgill Hall HVAC
Virginia Tech 16236  Hampton Roads Extension Center     Classroom
Richard Bland College 17357  Construct Water Tank for Fire     Suppression
Virginia Commonwealth University 16721  Construct Medical Sciences Building,     Phase II
Virginia Commonwealth University 16825  Renovate Music Center
Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center 16864  Construct Center Addition
Christopher Newport University 16774  Construct Library/Info Tech Center
George Mason University 17365  Construct Academic VI and     Research II
George Mason University 17486  Construct Fairfax Performing     Arts Center
George Mason University 16523  Construct Arlington, Phase II
B. Funds provided in this item shall be transferred to previously authorized capital projects to cover increased costs resulting from changes in prices for materials and construction.  The Director, Department of General Services shall ensure that efforts have been made to secure supplemental funding from other sources, and to reduce the total scope and cost of the project to the extent practical while maintaining the programmatic intent of the project.
C.  Upon certification by the Director, Department of General Services that the requirements of paragraph B. have been met, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, is authorized to transfer amounts from this item to the projects listed in the preceding paragraph as required to address construction and other related unanticipated cost increases.
D. Projects receiving supplemental funding from this item must be completed within the revised budget or otherwise reduced in scope.  Institutions shall use nongeneral funds to bear any additional cost above the amounts certified by the Department of General Services."

"C-325.10 Supplemental Funding for Previously Authorized Capital Projects (xxxxx)
Fund Sources: General

(This amendment provides $102.3 million from the general fund the second year to supplement previously authorized capital projects for institutions of higher education. It is the companion amendment to several other amendments that transfer cost overruns to a central pool in order to provide oversight and review by the Department of General Services and generate efficiencies.)