2007 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1650 (Conference Report)

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Legislative Dept - Joint Subcommittee on SOQ Costs (language only)

Item 1 #4c

Item 1 #4c

Legislative Department
General Assembly of Virginia

Page 8, after line 56, insert:
"H. 1. The Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees shall each appoint one member from their respective committees to a joint subcommittee to provide on-going direction and oversight of Standards of Quality funding cost policies and to make recommendations to their respective committees.  
2. The Joint Subcommittee on Elementary and Secondary Education Funding shall: 1) study re-benchmarking cost trends and drivers; 2) review existing Standards of Quality (SOQ), incentive, categorical, and school facilities funding streams within Direct Aid to Public Education, as well as the Literary Fund, and identify options for efficiencies and cost savings and for greater funding flexibility, especially to better prepare the state and localities for future economic downturns; 3) consider alternatives to across-the-board compensation supplements to better target state funds; 4) review funding streams for students at-risk of academic failure, and assess whether such programs should be incorporated into the SOQ; and 5) examine special education funding issues.
3. The school divisions, the staff of the Virginia Department of Education, and staff of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, are directed to provide technical assistance, as required, to the joint subcommittee. The Joint Subcommittee shall publish a preliminary report by September 15, 2007."

(This amendment moves language adopted in the 2006 session creating a staff workgroup to study Standards of Quality re-benchmarking cost trends and drivers from the Department of Education (companion amendment in Item 135) to a joint subcommittee in the Legislative Department (Item 1) consisting of one Senate and one House budget committee members.)