2006 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Committee Approved)

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Withholding Authority - General Provisions Subcommittee (language only)

Item 4-1.02 #1s

Item 4-1.02 #1s

Withholding of Spending Authority

Page 485, following line 26, insert:
"a. For purposes of this subsection, withholding of spending authority is defined as any action that impedes or limits the ability to spend the appropriated monies, regardless of the mechanism used to effect such withholding."
Page 485, line 27, strike "a." and insert "b.".
Page 485, line 36, strike "b." and insert "c.".
Page 486, line 3, strike "c." and insert "d.".
Page 486, following line 15, insert:
"4.a) In addition to monthly reports on the status of revenue collections relative to the current fiscal year's estimate, the Governor shall provide a written quarterly assessment of the current economic outlook for the remainder of the fiscal year to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance, House Appropriations, and House Finance Committees."
Page 486, line 16, strike "4." and insert "b)".
Page 486, line 27, after "Committees." strike the rest of the line 27 and all of lines 28 and 29 and insert:
"Subsequent modifications to the approved reduction plan must be submitted to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees, prior to withholding allotments of appropriations.  This reduction plan, with modifications thereto, shall be the sole basis for withholding spending authority due to reduced revenues."
Page 486, strike lines 30 through 55.
Page 487, strike lines 1 through 33 and insert:
"6. In addition to the budget reduction plan approved by the Governor, all budget reduction proposals submitted by state agencies to the Governor or the Governor's staff, including but not limited to the Department of Planning and Budget, the Governor's Cabinet Secretaries, or the Chief of Staff, whether submitted electronically or otherwise, shall be forwarded within five calendar days of submission to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees.
7. In effecting the reduction of expenditures, the Governor shall not withhold allotments of appropriations for:
a) More than 15 percent cumulatively of the annual general fund appropriation contained in this Act for operating expenses of any one state or nonstate agency or institution designated in this Act by title, and the exact amount withheld, by state or nonstate agency or institution, shall be reported within five calendar days to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees.  State agencies providing funds directly to grantees named in this Act shall not apportion a larger cut to the grantee than the proportional cut apportioned to the agency.  Without regard to Section 4-5.07 b.4. of this Act, the remaining appropriation to the grantee which is not subject to the cut, equal to at least 85 percent of the annual appropriation, shall be made by July 31, or in two equal installments, one payable by July 31 and the other payable by December 31, if the remaining appropriation is less than or equal to $500,000, except in cases where the normal conditions of the grant dictate a different payment schedule.
b) The payment of principal and interest on the bonded debt or other bonded obligations of the Commonwealth, its agencies and its authorities, or for payment of a legally authorized deficit.
c) The payments for care of graves of Confederate dead.
d) The employer contributions, and employer paid member contributions to the: Social Security System, Virginia Retirement System, Judicial Retirement System, State Police Officers Retirement System, Virginia Law Officers Retirement System, Optional Retirement Plan for College and University Faculty, Optional Retirement Plan for Political Appointees, Optional Retirement Plan for Superintendents, the Volunteer Service Award Program, and the Virginia Retirement System's group life insurance, sickness and disability, and retiree health care credit programs for state employees, state-supported local employees and teachers.  If the Virginia Retirement System Board of Trustees approves a contribution rate for a fiscal year that is lower than the rate on which the appropriation was based, or if the United States government approves a Social Security rate that is lower than that in effect for the current budget, the Governor may withhold excess contributions.  However, employer and employee paid rates or contributions for health insurance and matching deferred compensation for state employees, state-supported local employees and teachers may not be increased or decreased beyond the amounts approved by the General Assembly.  Payments for the employee benefit programs listed in this paragraph may not be delayed beyond the customary billing cycles that have been established by law or policy by the governing board.
e) The payments in fulfillment of any contract awarded for the design, construction and furnishing of any state building.
f) The salary of any state officer for whom the Constitution of Virginia prohibits a change in salary.
g) The salary of any officer or employee in the Executive Department by more than two percent (irrespective of the fund source for payment of salaries and wages).  Provided, however, that the percentage of reduction shall be uniformly applied to all employees within the Executive Department.
h) The appropriation supported by the State Bar Fund, as authorized by Section 54.1-3913, Code of Virginia, unless the supporting revenues for such appropriation are estimated to be insufficient to pay the appropriation.
8. The Governor is authorized to withhold specific allotments of appropriations by a uniform percentage, a graduated reduction or on an individual basis, or apply a combination of these actions, in effecting the authorized reduction of expenditures, up to the maximum of 15 percent, as prescribed in subdivision 7a of this subsection.
9. Each nongeneral fund appropriation shall be payable in full only to the extent the nongeneral fund revenues from which the appropriation is payable are estimated to be sufficient.  The Governor is authorized to reduce allotments on nongeneral fund appropriations by the amount necessary to ensure that expenditures do not exceed the supporting revenues for such appropriations.  Provided, however, the Governor shall take no action to reduce allotments of appropriations for major nongeneral fund sources on account of reduced revenues until such time as a formal written re-estimate of revenues for the current and next biennium, prepared in accordance with the process specified in Section 2.2-1503, Code of Virginia, has been reported to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance, House Finance, and House Appropriations Committees.  For purposes of this subsection, major nongeneral fund sources are defined as Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund and Transportation Trust Fund.
10. Notwithstanding any contrary provisions of law, the Governor is authorized to transfer to the general fund on June 30 of each year of the biennium or within twenty days from that date, any available unexpended balances in other funds in the state treasury, subject to the following:
a) The Governor shall declare in writing to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees that a fiscal emergency exists which warrants the transfer of nongeneral funds to the general fund and reports the exact amount of such transfer within five calendar days of the transfer;
b) No such transfer may be made from retirement or other trust accounts, the State Bar Fund as authorized by Section 54.1-3913, Code of Virginia, debt service funds, or federal funds; and
c) The Governor shall include for informative purposes, in the first biennial budget he submits subsequent to the transfer, the amount transferred from each account or fund and recommendations for restoring such amounts.
11. The Director, Department of Planing and Budget, shall report spending authority withheld under the provisions of this subsection to the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees within five calendar days of the action to withhold.  Said report shall include the amount withheld by agency and appropriation item.
12. If action to withhold allotments of appropriation under this provision is inadequate to eliminate the imbalance between projected general fund resources and appropriations, the Speaker of the House of Delegates and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate shall be advised in writing by the Governor, so that they may consider requesting a special session of the legislature."

(This amendment restores language as adopted by the 2005 General Assembly concerning the withholding of appropriations.)