2006 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Member Request)

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Chief Patron: McQuigg
Intersection Partnership Program (language only)

Item 444 #5h

Item 444 #5h

Transportation, Department of

Page 379, after line 38, insert:
"E.  Included in the amounts for item is $75,000,000 in the first year and $75,000,000 in the second year from Commonwealth Transportation funds which shall be dedicated to the State-Local Intersection Improvement Program created pursuant to House Bill 724.  These funds shall be used exclusively for the purpose of undertaking highway improvement, construction, reconstruction, expansion, reconfiguration, and alteration projects to address issues associated with intersection congestion and safety by providing funding to counties, cities and towns, subject to a local contribution of at least 25 percent of the project costs, for the construction of turn lanes, extension of existing turn lanes, and construction of roundabouts and pedestrian safety facilities, including but not limited to pedestrian overpasses and underpasses.  Funding of projects shall be distributed on a competitive basis, with projects to be selected by the Commonwealth Transportation Board.  Project selection criteria shall be based on the level of congestion, the impact of proposed projects on congestion levels, and the project's potential contribution to improvement of air quality.  Funding shall be limited to projects involving intersections with level of service D or worse. No project shall receive more than $2 million from the Fund in a single calendar year. All phases of projects approved for funding from the Fund, including right-of-way acquisition, shall be administered by the local governments within whose boundaries the projects are located. Local government may use their own general funds, cash proffers, or other nonfederal sources as matching funds for projects funded under this section."

(This amendment provides that $75.0 million of Commonwealth Transportation Funds shall be dedicated to a state-local intersection improvement fund created pursuant to House Bill 724, 2006 Session of the General Assembly. Localities would be required to provide a 25 percent match to these funds, resulting in a total program size of $100.0 million.)