2004 Session

Budget Amendments - SB30 (Member Request)

Chief Patron: Martin
Co-Patron(s): Quayle, Watkins
Richard Bland College Dormitories (language only)

Item C-16.1 #2s

Item C-16.1 #2s

Education: Higher Education
Richard Bland College

"The General Assembly authorizes Richard Bland College, with the approval of the Governor, to enter into a written agreement with its affiliated foundation to construct one or more facilities to provide on-campus student housing on college land to be leased to said foundation for such purposes.  Richard Bland College is also authorized to enter into a written agreement with said foundation for the support of such student housing facilities and management of the operation and maintenance of same."

(This amendment authorizes Richard Bland College to develop on-campus residential living for its students. The College does not currently have dormitories available to its students.)