2001 Session

Budget Amendments - SB800 (Committee Approved)

VCU - Freedom House Lease (language only)

Item C-84.30 #3s

Item C-84.30 #3s

Education: Higher Education
Virginia Commonwealth University

Page 534,  after line 17,  insert:
"C-84.30 The General Assembly authorizes Virginia Commonwealth University, subject to the approval of the Governor, to enter into a ground lease with Freedom House for property located on 17th Street in Richmond, Virginia for purposes of construction of a social services facility.  The property will be leased for an initial term of 40 years, with four 5-year renewal options, at a cost of $1.00 per year.".

"C-84.30 Ground Lease: Freedom House

(This amendment provides approval for Virginia Commonwealth University to lease approximately 2.38 acres of university owned land on 17th Street in Richmond, Virginia to the Freedom House for purposes of constructing a social services facility.)