2001 Session

Budget Amendments - SB800 (Committee Approved)

CA VPBA Amendment (language only)

Item C-204.2 #1s

Item C-204.2 #1s

Central Appropriations
Nongeneral Obligation Bonds 9(D)

Page 565, strike lines 5 through 8 and insert:
"4.  The total amount listed in this Item includes
in bond proceeds for the following agencies and projects."
Page 565, strike lines 14 through 16.
Page 565, line 18, strike "$9,207,000" and insert "$8,207,000".
Page 565, strike lines 19 through 23.
Page 565, strike lines 26 through 28.
Page 565, after line 30 insert:
"HVAC System Repairs/Life Safety Projects     C-142.1                 $5,000,000".
Page 565, strike lines 31 through 60.
Page 566, strike lines 1 through 18 and insert:
"Department of Conservation and Recreation
  Cabin and Campsite Improvements                 C-146.4                 $1,000,000".
Page 566, line 19, strike "$133,949,800" and insert "$22,595,000".
Page 566, strike lines 20 through 48.

(This amendment deletes projects and maintenance reserve funds as proposed in the budget, as introduced, and includes funding for projects for the Veterans' Care Center, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Mental Health agencies, and Conservation and Recreation. The projects will be funded from VPBA bond proceeds.)