2001 Session

Budget Amendments - SB800 (Committee Approved)

No Cuts in Services or Quality

Item 375.1 #1s

Item 375.1 #1s

First Year - FY2001 Second Year - FY2002
Health And Human Resources
Health, Department of FY2001 $671,272 FY2002 $671,272 GF

Page 304, line 18, strike "($1,213,850)" and insert "($542,578)".
Page 304, line 18, strike "($2,454,835)" and insert "($1,783,563)".
Page 304, line 23, after "act.", insert "No appropriations reductions distributed from this item shall result in a decrease in the amount or quality of services.  General fund appropriations in the amount of $671,272 the first year
and $671,272 the second year are provided for the Comprehensive Health Investment Project (CHIP) of Virginia, to partially offset proposed reductions included in Senate Bill 800 of the 2001 Session, as introduced."

(This amendment prohibits "management savings" in the introduced budget to be applied in ways that would adversely affect agency services. Also, proposed cuts in general fund support for CHIP are partially restored. A companion amendment in Item 306 amends the language earmarking general fund support for CHIP.)