2001 Session

Budget Amendments - SB800 (Committee Approved)

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GA - Joint Higher Ed Subcommittee Language (language only)

Item 1 #6s

Item 1 #6s

Legislative Department
General Assembly of Virginia

Page 8, line 20, strike "work of the".
Page 8, line 20, strike "be".
Page 8, line 21, strike "completed" and insert, "reports its finding on base funding adequacy".
Page 8, after line 22, insert:
"6. a. The Joint Subcommittee is hereby continued to provide direction and oversight of higher education funding policies. The Joint Subcommittee shall review and articulate policies and funding methodologies on (1) the appropriate share of education and general costs that should be borne by students; (2) student financial aid; and (3) the mix of full-time and part-time faculty.  The Joint Subcommittee shall present its recommendations prior to the 2002 Session of the General Assembly.
b. Based on the findings and recommendations of its December 18, 2000, report, the Joint Subcommittee shall coordinate with the State Council of Higher Education, the Secretary of Education, and the Department of Planning and Budget in incorporating the funding guidelines into the 2002-04 biennial budget.
7. a.  As part of its responsibilities to ensure the fair and equitable distribution and use of public funds among the public institutions, the State Council of Higher Education shall incorporate the funding guidelines established by the Joint Subcommittee Studying Higher Education Funding Policies, established in Item 1 of this act, into its 2002-04 budget recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly.
b. By September 1, 2001, the State Council of Higher Education shall present to the Joint Subcommittee a progress report on (a) the development of revised faculty salary peer groups; (b) projected enrollments for the 2002-04 biennium; and (c) other items as requested by the Joint Subcommittee."

(This amendment continues the Joint Subcommittee on Higher Education Funding Policies to provide oversight and implementation of higher education funding policies and new funding guidelines, as recommended in the Subcommittee's report of December 18, 2000.)