2001 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1600 (Committee Approved)

Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Ctr (language only)

Item C-143.20 #1h

Item C-143.20 #1h

Health And Human Resources
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

Page 545, after line 11, insert:
"1. Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center is hereby authorized, with the approval of the Governor and Attorney General pursuant to §2.1-511, Code of Virginia, to lease to the Valley Community Services Board (VCSB) sufficient land for the construction, operation and maintenance of a facility to provide mental health services in the community, including services to the deaf, together with such easements as may be necessary and convenient for access and utilities to be provided thereto.
2.  The lease shall provide that VCSB shall construct, operate and maintain the facility at no cost to
Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.  Construction of the facility is hereby authorized.  Such construction shall comply with applicable laws and policies of the Commonwealth.
3.  Notwithstanding the provisions of §2.1-511, Code of Virginia, the lease shall be for an initial term not to exceed 20 years and may provide VCSB options to renew the agreement; however, the initial term and any renewal terms shall not together exceed 50 years without the express approval of the Governor and General Assembly."

(This amendment is self-explanatory.)