2001 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1600 (Committee Approved)

Restore Medicaid-Elderly & Disabled 80% FPL

Item 322.1 #2h

Item 322.1 #2h

First Year - FY2001 Second Year - FY2002
Health And Human Resources
Medical Assistance Services, Department of FY2001 $0 FY2002 $5,200,000 GF
FY2001 $0 FY2002 $5,600,000 NGF

Page 322, line 5, strike "($35,381,013)" and insert "($24,581,013)".
Page 322, after line 10, insert:
"General funds in the amount of $5,200,000 the second year and federal funds in the amount of $5,600,000 the second year are provided for the implementation of paragraph JJ in Item 319, to eliminate proposed reductions included in House Bill 1600 of the 2001 Session, as introduced.  Funding to expand Medicaid eligibility to qualified individuals specified in paragraph JJ in Item 319 shall not be reduced below the level provided in Chapter 1073 of the 2000 Acts of Assembly."

(This amendment restores funding for the expansion of Medicaid eligibility for aged and disabled individuals with income levels up to 80 percent of the federal poverty income guidelines as provided by the 2000 General Assembly and contained in Item 319, paragraph JJ. The introduced budget eliminated funding for this expansion without striking the attendant language implementing it.)