1997 Session

Budget Amendments - SB700 (Conference Report)


Item C-34.20 #1c

Item C-34.20 #1c

First Year - FY1997 Second Year - FY1998
Education: Higher Education
James Madison University FY1997 $0 FY1998 $500,000 GF

Page 399, after line 9, insert:
"C-34.20  New Construction:  College of Integrated Science and Technology, Phase II        $0      $500,000
Fund Sources:  General                      $0       $500,000
The appropriation provided for in this item and item C-7.10 of this act is part of an estimated $40,816,000 project, more or less. James Madison University is authorized to make all preparations, including development of construction documents and solicitation of bids, in order to execute construction contract(s) for this project as soon as practical after adjournment sine die of the 1998 Session of the General Assembly, provided authorization has been granted by the General Assembly which, when combined with this appropriation, previous appropriations, and such other funds as may be made available, completes the financing for the balance of this project.  To the extent that this project can be implemented in stages, or construction phased, then, within the limit of available funds, the University is authorized and encouraged to commence those activities.  It is the intent of the General Assembly that the Governor's budget proposals to the 1998 Legislative Session shall include recommendations for financing the balance of the funds required to complete this project."

(This amendment provides an additional $0.5 million from the general fund for the College of Integrated Science and Technology, Phase II, project of James Madison University, bringing the total appropriation to $12.8 million. Language further authorizes the University to proceed toward construction, provided it does not expend more during this biennium than is actually appropriated for such purpose. The language further requests the Governor to present a plan for financing the balance of the project in his 1998 recommendations to the General Assembly.)