1997 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1600 (Committee Approved)

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Conditional for Norfolk Campus (language only)

Item 530 #5h

Item 530 #5h

Central Appropriations
Central Appropriations

Page 358, after line 13, insert:
"N.1.  The Governor shall increase by an amount not to exceed $1,000,000 the second year appropriation of the Virginia Community College System, in the event enrollments at Tidewater Community College exceed the State Council of Higher Education's currently approved estimate of 10,630 FTE students.  Such increase will be based on the November, 1997, enrollment estimate for Tidewater Community College approved by the State Council for 1997-98 using actual summer and fall 1997 enrollments plus an estimated enrollment for spring 1998.  For any remaining balance within the $1,000,000 authorization, an additional allocation will be based on January 20, 1998, enrollment estimates of the State Council for 1997-98 using actual summer and fall 1997 enrollments and estimated actual enrollments for spring 1998.
2. The additional amount appropriated shall be determined by multiplying the approximate 1997-98 average general fund support per student for the community colleges of $2,900 times the estimated number of Tidewater Community College FTE students in excess of 10,630.
3.  The unappropriated balance derived by subtracting the general fund appropriations from the projected general fund revenues in this act shall be used for this purpose.
4.  The Governor also shall authorize up to 29.25 additional  positions in the second year in the event additional enrollments provide the funds to finance them.
5.  The State Council of Higher Education, in consultation with the Virginia Community College System, shall make a recommendation to the Governor on the additional funds and positions the Governor shall appropriate during fiscal year 1998 in the event second year enrollment exceeds the current official estimate of 10,630 FTE students for Tidewater Community College."

(This amendment is self-explanatory.)