2015 Session

Budget Bill - HB1400 (Enrolled)

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First Year - FY2015Second Year - FY2016Totals

Office of Education

Christopher Newport University
C-2New Construction: Construct Residential Housing$42,020,000$0
C-3Improvements: Renovate Residence Halls$5,000,000$0
C-4Improvements: Expand Dining Facility$9,500,000$0
C-4.10New Construction: Expand Athletic Facilities II$4,730,000$0
The College of William and Mary in Virginia
C-5Improvements: Renovate Dormitories$16,000,000$0
C-6Improvements: Improve Auxilliary Facitlities$10,000,000$0
C-6.50New Construction: Construct Wellness Center$0$10,000,000
George Mason University
C-7Language Only 
C-7.10New Construction: Construct Academic VII, Research III, Phase I$0$8,935,000
C-7.20Improvements: Renovate Johnson Center Dining, Phase II$0$4,198,000
James Madison University
C-8Acquisition: Blanket Property Acquisition$3,000,000
C-8.10New Construction: Dining Hall
New Construction: Construct New Dining Facility
C-8.20Language Only 
C-8.30Acquisition: Acquire East Campus Chiller Plant$2,200,000$2,800,000
C-8.35New Construction: Construct Student Housing$55,000,000$0
Longwood University
C-8.40New Construction: Construct University Center$0$11,012,000
Norfolk State University
C-8.50Acquisition: Acquire Property$0$3,250,000
Old Dominion University
C-9New Construction: Construct New Residence Halls, Phase I$76,464,000$0
C-10Acquisition: Acquire Additional Land, Phase I$5,364,000$0
C-11Planning: Conduct Preliminary Design of A New Football Stadium$1,500,000$0
C-12New Construction: Replace the Webb University Center$78,695,000$0
Radford University
C-13Improvements: Renovate Athletics Complex Umbrella Project$9,500,000$0
C-13.05Maintenance Reserve$0$2,000,000
University of Mary Washington
C-13.10Improvements: Improve Battleground Athletic Complex Fields and Facility$10,142,000$0
C-13.20Improvements: Renovate Residence Halls$0$15,175,000
C-13.30Improvements: Renovate Amphitheater$0$3,074,000
University of Virginia
C-14Acquisition: Acquire and Renovate 560 Ray C. Hunt$26,230,000$0
C-14.10Improvements: Renovate the Rotunda$0$10,633,351
Virginia Commonwealth University
C-15New Construction: Expand Ackell Residence Center$15,300,000$0
C-16New Construction: Expand Main Street Parking Deck$5,600,000$0
C-17Improvements: Upgrade Siegel Center$12,000,000$0
C-17.10Improvements: Renovate Sanger Hall, Phase II$7,500,000$0
Virginia Community College System
C-18New Construction: Construct Parking Garage, Blue Ridge$4,850,000$0
Virginia Military Institute
C-19.01Improvements: Renovate and Enlarge Stonewall Jackson House Museum Facilities$0$1,600,000
C-19.02Improvements: Replace Crozet Hall Floor$0$1,475,000
C-19.03Improvements: Improve Post Facilities, Phase III$4,000,000$0
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
C-19.04New Construction: Construct Upper Quad Residential Facilities$0$92,000,000
C-19.05Improvements: Replace Unified Communications System and Network$0$16,508,000
C-19.06Language Only 
Virginia State University
C-19.10Language Only 
Gunston Hall
Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia
C-20.10New Construction: Construct English Barn$0$95,000
C-20.20New Construction: Construct 1820s American Barn$0$95,000
The Science Museum of Virginia
C-21Language Only