2023 Session

Budget Bill - SB800 (Introduced)

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Part 4: General Provisions

Operating Policies
4-0.01 Operating Policies
4-1.01 Prerequisites for Payment
4-1.02 Withholding of Spending Authority
4-1.03 Appropriation Transfers
4-1.04 Appropriation Increases
4-1.05 Reversion of Appropriations and Reappropriations
4-1.06 Limited Adjustments of Appropriations
4-1.07 Allotments
4-2.01 Nongeneral Fund Revenues
4-2.02 General Fund Revenue
4-2.03 Indirect Costs
Deficit Authorization and Treasury Loans
4-3.01 Deficits
4-3.02 Treasury Loans
4-3.03 Long-Term Leases
Capital Projects
4-4.01 General
4-4.02 Planning and Budgeting
Special Conditions and Restrictions on Expenditures
4-5.01 Transactions with Individuals
4-5.02 Third Party Transactions
4-5.03 Services and Clients
4-5.04 Goods and Services
4-5.05 Nonstate Agencies, Interstate Compacts and Organizational Memberships
4-5.06 Delegation of Authority
4-5.07 Lease, License or Use Agreements
4-5.08 Semiconductor Manufacturing Performance Grant Programs
4-5.09 Disposition of Surplus Real Property
4-5.10 Surplus Property Transfers for Economic Development
4-5.11 Seat of Government Traffic and Pedestrian Safety
Positions and Employment
4-6.01 Employee Compensation
4-6.02 Employee Training and Study
4-6.03 Employee Benefits
4-6.04 Charges
4-6.05 Selection of Applicants for Classified Positions
4-6.06 Positions Governed By Chapters 933 and 943 of the 2006 Acts of Assembly
Statewide Plans
4-7.01 Manpower Control Program
Reporting Requirements
4-8.01 Governor
4-8.02 State Agencies
4-8.03 Local Governments
Higher Education Restructuring
4-9.01 Assessment of Institutional Performance
4-9.02 Level II Authority
4-9.03 Level III Authority
4-9.04 Implement JLARC Recommendations
4-11.00 Statement of Financial Condition
4-12.00 Severability
4-13.00 Conflict with other Laws
4-14.00 Effective Date