2022 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB30 (Chapter 2)

Central Capital Outlay

Item C-75

Item C-75

First Year - FY2023Second Year - FY2024
2022 Public Educational Institution Capital Account (18586)$899,586,611$0
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2023 $870,320,611FY2024 $0
Higher Education OperatingFY2023 $29,266,000FY2024 $0

A. There is hereby appropriated $870,320,611 from the general fund and $29,266,000 from nongeneral fund resources the first year for the construction and other capital costs of the following projects subject to the pool process delineated in Section 2.2-1515 et. seq., Code of Virginia:


Agency Name

Project Title




Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Replace Randolph Hall (18502)


Longwood University

Wygal Hall Replacement (18425)


University of Mary Washington

Construct Fine and Performing Arts Center (18544)


James Madison University

Renovate and Expand Carrier Library (18485)


Old Dominion University

Construct a New Biology Building (18473)


Virginia Commonwealth University

New Arts and Innovation Building (18500)


Christopher Newport University

Integrated Science Center, Phase III (18496)


Virginia Community College System

Reconstruct Templin Hall Auditorium, Hampton Campus, Virginia Peninsula CC

B. In addition to the appropriation authorized by this item, the Director, Department of Planning and Budget, shall transfer unutilized Virginia College Building Authority (VCBA) bond authorization and appropriation from the projects listed below, in the amounts shown, to this project for funding the projects listed in paragraph A:

Agency No.

Project No.

Initial Authorization




Items 478.20 and C-52.10, Chapter 780, 2016 Acts of Assembly


C. The Department of Planning and Budget, in collaboration with the Department of General Services, shall submit to the Six-Year Capital Outlay Plan Advisory Committee (§ 2.2-1516, “Advisory Committee") documentation prior to any project receiving construction funding authorization (CO-8). Such documentation shall detail the availability of funding authorized in the pool and the estimated total project cost. An authorization may only be effectuated if (i) the Director of the Department of Planning and Budget, in collaboration with the Department of General Services, provides documentation to the Advisory Committee to authorize the CO-8, and (ii) no member of the Advisory Committee, or their designee, objects, in writing or via email, to the CO-8 within 14 days of receiving such notice. If an objection is received, the Advisory Committee may discuss the project authorization at its next meeting and authorize the CO-8 upon approval by all members of the Advisory Committee. The project, “Reconstruct Templin Hall Auditorium, Hampton Campus, Virginia Peninsula CC" is exempt from the requirements of this paragraph.