2022 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB29 (Enrolled)

Department of Environmental Quality

Item 376

Item 376

First Year - FY2021Second Year - FY2022
Land Protection (50900)$27,719,477$29,379,311
Land Protection Permitting (50925)FY2021 $3,892,832FY2022 $4,769,666
Land Protection Compliance and Enforcement (50926)FY2021 $21,920,926FY2022 $21,920,926
Land Protection Outreach (50927)FY2021 $1,148,207FY2022 $1,584,707
Land Protection Planning and Policy (50928)FY2021 $757,512FY2022 $1,104,012
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2021 $1,118,504FY2022 $2,778,338
SpecialFY2021 $1,658,065FY2022 $1,658,065
Trust and AgencyFY2021 $11,504,641FY2022 $11,504,641
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2021 $7,278,037FY2022 $7,278,037
Federal TrustFY2021 $6,160,230FY2022 $6,160,230

Authority: Title 10.1, Chapters 11.1, 11.2, 12.1, 14, and 25; Title 44, Chapter 3.5, Code of Virginia.

A. It is the intent of the General Assembly that balances in the Virginia Environmental Emergency Response Fund be used to meet match requirements for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Superfund State Support Contracts.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of § 10.1-1422.3, Code of Virginia, $1,807,575 in the first year and $1,807,575 in the second year from the Waste Tire Trust Fund, and $250,000 in the first year and $250,000 in the second year from the Hazardous Waste Management Permit Fund within the Department of Environmental Quality shall be used for the costs associated with the Department's land protection and water programs. Such funds may be used for the purposes set forth in § 10.1-1422.3, Code of Virginia, at the Director's discretion and only as available after funding other land protection and water programs.

C. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is directed to study the chemical conversion process referred to as Advanced Recycling, which includes the processes of pyrolysis, gasification, depolymerization and other processes which convert certain plastic waste into hydrocarbon raw materials. The study would include a survey of other states' approaches to regulation of Advanced Recycling, review of the operational history and environmental impacts of the industry, and recommendations for regulation of the industry in Virginia to ensure that the Commonwealth's air, water, land and other natural resources are fully protected. DEQ would include recommendations as to whether the Commonwealth's Solid Waste Management laws and Department regulations pursuant to 9VAC20-81-410 and relevant air and water permitting regulations would provide adequate regulation of the industry, or would require revision. The study would also invite input from a stakeholder advisory group convened by the agency, comprised of representatives of the chemical conversion industry, recycling industry, environmental organizations and community representatives. The Department shall provide a summary of its study and make recommendations on the regulation of the advanced recycling industry within a report submitted to the Chair of the House Agriculture Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee and the Chair of the Senate Agriculture Conservation and Natural Resources Committee by December 31, 2021.

D. The Department shall provide technical assistance to the City of Bristol in resolving ongoing health, environmental, and quality of life issues with its landfill and to facilitate a long-term plan for the operational status of the landfill following the completion of mitigation efforts.