2012 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB1301 (Chapter 3)

Item 4-2.02

Item 4-2.02



1. Except as provided in § 4-2.02 a.2., all moneys, fees, taxes, charges and revenues received at any time by the following agencies from the sources indicated shall be paid immediately into the general fund of the state treasury:

a) Marine Resources Commission, from all sources, except:

1) Revenues payable to the Public Oyster Rocks Replenishment Fund established by § 28.2-542, Code of Virginia.

2) Revenue payable to the Virginia Marine Products Fund established by § 3.2-2705, Code of Virginia.

3) Revenue payable to the Virginia Saltwater Recreational Fishing Development Fund established by § 28.2-302.3, Code of Virginia.

4) Revenue payable to the Marine Fishing Improvement Fund established by § 28.2-208, Code of Virginia.

5) Revenue payable to the Marine Habitat and Waterways Improvement Fund established by § 28.2-1206, Code of Virginia.

b1) Department of Labor and Industry, or any other agency, for the administration of the state labor and employment laws under Title 40.1, Code of Virginia.

2) Department of Labor and Industry, from boiler and pressure vessel inspection certificate fees, pursuant to § 40.1-51.15, Code of Virginia.

c) All state institutions for the mentally ill or intellectually disabled, from fees or per diem paid employees for the performance of services for which such payment is made, except for a fee or per diem allowed by statute to a superintendent or staff member of any such institution when summoned as a witness in any court.

d) Secretary of the Commonwealth, from all sources.

e) The Departments of Corrections, Juvenile Justice, and Correctional Education, as required by law, including revenues from sales of dairy and other farm products.

f) Auditor of Public Accounts, from charges for audits or examinations when the law requires that such costs be borne by the county, city, town, regional government or political subdivision of such governments audited or examined.

g) Department of Education, from repayment of student scholarships and loans, except for the cost of such collections.

h) Department of the Treasury, from the following source:

Fees collected for handling cash and securities deposited with the State Treasurer pursuant to § 46.2-454, Code of Virginia.

i) Attorney General, from recoveries of attorneys' fees and costs of litigation.

j) Department of Social Services, from net revenues received from child support collections after all disbursements are made in accordance with state and federal statutes and regulations, and the state's share of the cost of administering the programs is paid.

k) Department of General Services, from net revenues received from refunds of overpayments of utilities charges in prior fiscal years, after deduction of the cost of collection and any refunds due to the federal government.

l) Without regard to paragraph e) above, the following revenues shall be excluded from the requirement for deposit to the general fund and shall be deposited as follows: (1) payments to Virginia Correctional Enterprises shall be deposited into the Virginia Correctional Enterprises Fund; (2) payments to the Departments of Corrections, Juvenile Justice and Correctional Education for work performed by inmates, work release prisoners, probationers or wards, which are intended to cover the expenses of these inmates, work release prisoners, probationers, or wards, shall be retained by the respective agencies for their use; and (3) payments to the Department of Correctional Education for work performed shall be retained by the agency to increase vocational training activities and to purchase work tools and work clothes for inmates, upon release.

2. The provisions of § 4-2.02 a.1. State Agency Payments into General Fund shall not apply to proceeds from the sale of surplus materials pursuant to § 2.2-1125, Code of Virginia. However, the State Comptroller is authorized to transfer to the general fund of the state treasury, out of the credits under § 4-1.04 a.1 Unappropriated Nongeneral Funds – Sale of Surplus Materials of this act, sums derived from the sale of materials originally purchased with general fund appropriations. The State Comptroller may authorize similar transfers of the proceeds from the sale of property not subject to § 2.2-1124, Code of Virginia, if said property was originally acquired with general fund appropriations, unless the General Assembly provides otherwise.

m) Without regard to § 4-2.02 a.1 above, payments to the Treasurer of Virginia assessed to insurance companies for the safekeeping and handling of securities or surety bonds deposited as insurance collateral shall be deposited into the Insurance Collateral Assessment Fund to defray such safekeeping and handling expenses.

n)1. Unless otherwise specifically required to ensure compliance with federal or state law, regulation, court order, or court rule, and only to the extent thereof, each settlement under subsection A. of § 2.2-514, Code of Virginia, that provides for the payment, conveyance, grant, forfeiture, assignment, or other distribution of moneys or of any real, tangible, or intangible property to settle the Commonwealth's interest shall provide that such moneys or property be deposited or assigned for deposit into the general fund of the state treasury to be appropriated as determined by the General Assembly. The provisions of this paragraph shall only apply to such settlements in favor of the Commonwealth and shall apply to both civil and criminal matters.

2. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to any settlement (a) in which the total value of such moneys or property does not exceed $250,000, (b) in which the entire amount of the settlement is for services provided or for property sold or provided under a contract, (c) involving the interest of the Virginia Retirement System, or (d) for an act or practice covered by the Virginia Consumer Protection Act (§ 59.1-196 et. seq., Code of Virginia) or the Virginia Antitrust Act (§ 59.1-9.1 et. seq., Code of Virginia).


Notwithstanding any contrary provision of law, for purposes of subsection C of § 58.1-3524 and subsection B of § 58.1-3536, Code of Virginia, the term general fund revenues, excluding transfers, is defined as (i) all state taxes, including penalties and interest, required and/or authorized to be collected and paid into the general fund of the state treasury pursuant to Title 58.1, Code of Virginia; (ii) permits, fees, licenses, fines, forfeitures, charges for services, and revenue from the use of money and property required and/or authorized to be paid into the general fund of the treasury; and (iii) amounts required to be deposited to the general fund of the state treasury pursuant to § 4-2.02 a.1., of this act.  However, in no case shall (i) lump-sum payments, (ii) one-time payments not generated from the normal operation of state government, or (iii) proceeds from the sale of state property or assets be included in the general fund revenue calculations for purposes of subsection C of § 58.1-3524 and subsection B of § 58.1-3536, Code of Virginia.


All June general fund collections received under Subtitle I of Title 58.1, Code of Virginia, bearing a postmark date or electronic transactions with a settlement or notification date on or before the first business day in July, when June 30 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, shall be considered as June revenue and recorded under guidelines established annually by the Department of Accounts.