2012 Special Session I

Budget Bill - HB1301 (Chapter 3)

Department of Minority Business Enterprise

Item 86

Item 86

First Year - FY2013Second Year - FY2014
Economic Development Services (53400)$2,096,312$2,096,316
Minority Business Enterprise Procurement Reporting and Coordination (53406)FY2013 $625,116FY2014 $625,116
Minority Business Enterprise Outreach (53407)FY2013 $913,676FY2014 $913,676
Minority Business Enterprise Certification (53414)FY2013 $494,739FY2014 $494,743
Capital Access Fund for Disadvantaged Businesses (53417)FY2013 $62,781FY2014 $62,781
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2013 $573,650FY2014 $573,654
Commonwealth TransportationFY2013 $1,522,662FY2014 $1,522,662

Authority: Title 2.2, Chapter 14; Title 56, Chapter 57, Article 3, Code of Virginia.

The Department of Minority Business Enterprise, in conjunction with the Department of General Services, the Virginia Employment Commission, and the Virginia Department of Transportation, is authorized to conduct analyses of the availability of minority business enterprises in Virginia and the utilization of such businesses by the Commonwealth of Virginia, localities, or private industry in the acquisition of goods and services.  The department also is authorized to receive and accept from the United States government, or any agency thereof, and from any other source, private or public, any and all gifts, grants, allotments, bequests or devises of any nature that would assist the department in conducting such analyses or otherwise strengthen its services to minority business enterprises.  The Director, Department of Planning and Budget, is authorized to establish a nongeneral fund appropriation for the purposes of expending revenues that may be received for this effort.