2010 Session

Budget Bill - SB30 (Introduced)

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Central Capital Outlay

Item C-85

Item C-85

First Year - FY2011Second Year - FY2012
Supplements for Previously Authorized Higher Education Capital Projects (17861)$25,776,000$1,087,588,000
Fund Sources:  
Bond ProceedsFY2011 $25,776,000FY2012 $1,087,588,000

The capital projects in paragraphs A and B of this Item are hereby authorized and may be financed in whole or in part through bonds of the Virginia College Building Authority pursuant to § 23-30.24 et seq., Code of Virginia. Bonds issued to finance these projects may be sold and issued under the 21st Century College Program at the same time with other obligations of the Authority as separate issues or as a combined issue.   The aggregate principle amounts will not exceed the amounts listed in paragraphs A and B below plus amounts to fund related issuance costs, and other financing expenses, in accordance with Section 2.2-2263 of the Code of Virginia. 

Debt service on the projects contained in this Item shall be provided from appropriations to the Treasury Board.

The appropriations for said capital projects are contained in this Item and are subject to the conditions in § 2-0 F of this act. 

A. There is hereby appropriated $25,776,000 the first year from bond proceeds of the Virginia College Building Authority to provide funds for equipment for the following projects for which construction was previously provided.


Agency Name / Project Title




University of Virginia (207)


Construct Information Technology Engineering Building (17476)


Virginia State University (212)


Renovate Singleton Hall (17309)


Norfolk State University (213)


Construct New Library (17480)


Longwood University (214)


Renovate and Construct Addition to Bedford Hall (17317)


University of Mary Washington (215)


Construct Dahlgren Campus (17670)


University of Virgina's College at Wise (246)


Renovate Greear Gym and Construct Multipurpose Center (17693)


George Mason University (247)


Construct Krasnow Addition, Phase II (17696)


Virginia Community College System (260)


Renovate Burnette Hall, Parham Campus, J. Sargeant Reynolds (17384)


Renovate Phase I Facility, Downtown Campus, J. Sargeant Reynolds  (17715)


Renovate Smith Building,  Lord Fairfax (17717)


Renovate Academic Classrooms and Administrative Buildings, Rappahannock (17712)


Renovate Library, Chester Campus, John Tyler (17713)


Renovate Warren and Scott Halls, Dabney S. Lancaster (17718)


Construct Occupational Program Building, Culinary Arts Career Studies Certificate Program, Central Virginia (17708)


Construct support services building, Woodbridge Campus, Northern Virginia (17710)


Renovate Hampton III Building, Thomas Nelson (17380)


Eastern Virginia Medical School (274)


Construct Medical Education and Research Building (17725)

B. There is hereby appropriated $1,087,588,000 the second year from bond proceeds of the Virginia College Building Authority to provide funding for construction for the following projects for which planning is completed.


Agency Name / Project Title


Christopher Newport University (242)


Construct Integrated Science Center (Phase II) (17690)


Construct Luter School of Business (17691)


College of William and Mary (204)


Renovate Tucker Hall (17652)


Construct Integrated Science Center (Phase III) (17650)


George Mason University (247)


Renovate Fine Arts Building (17697)


Construct Campus Library Addition, Phase I (17695)


James Madison University (216)


Renovate West Wing Rockingham Hospital (17674)


Renovate/Expand Duke Hall (17675)


Longwood University (214)


Construct University Technology Center (17668)


Norfolk State University (213)


Construct New Nursing and General Classroom Building (17667)


Renovate Wilder Center (17627)


Old Dominion University (221)


Construct a Systems Research & Academic Building (17678)


Radford University (217)


Construct New Computational Sciences Building (17619)


University of Mary Washington (215)


Construct Information and Technology Convergence Center Phase I (17671)


University of Virginia (207)


Renovate New Cabell Hall (17654)


Renovate Ruffner Hall (17655)


University of Virginia's College at Wise (246)


Construct Library (17806)


Virginia Commonwealth University (236)


Construct General Classroom Building (17682)


Virginia Community College System (260)


Replace Tyler Academic Bldg. Northern VA Community College (17720)


Expand Brault Building, Northern VA Community College (17711)


Construct Learning Resources Bldg  Southside Virginia (17705)


Construct Workflow Training Center, Woodbridge Campus, Northern VA Community College (17802)


Virginia Military Institute (211)


Renovate Science Building (17664)


Renovate Post Hospital (17803)


Virginia State University (212)


Construct Multipurpose Center (17665)


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (208)


Renovate Davidson Hall (17662)


Construct Chiller Plant (17657)


Construct Engineering Signature Building (17658)


Virginia Cooperative Extension and Agriculture Experiment Station (229)


Construct Human and Agricultural Bioscience Building I (17681)

C. The appropriations contained in paragraphs A and B of this Item shall be subject to the conditions specified in paragraph D below and no bonds shall be issued for the affected projects until the conditions of paragraph D are satisfied.

D. The Secretary of Finance shall prepare and submit a plan to the Governor and the Chairmen of the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee on or before the beginning of the 2011 General Assembly Session to schedule the issuance of debt for the projects authorized in this Item and for the projects authorized in Item C-84, Central Maintenance Reserve, Item 245 Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund, and Item C-86 Improvements: Energy Conservation.  The plan prepared by the Secretary of Finance shall take into account the most recent recommendations of the Debt Capacity Advisory Committee released prior to the start of the 2011 General Assembly Session and make recommendations on the issuance of bonds for affected projects to stay at or below the limits on debt capacity established by the Debt Capacity Advisory Committee.  Furthermore, the plan shall recommend a schedule for issuance of debt that funds projects in the following priority order:

Priority 1:  Maintenance Reserve

Priority 2:  Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund

Priority 3:  Equipment for Previously Funded Projects

Priority 4:  Improvements:  Energy Conservation

Priority 5:  Construction funds for projects with completed planning