2010 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 872)

State Board of Elections

Item 89

Item 89

First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010
Electoral Services (72300)$18,889,767$13,777,928
Electoral Uniformity, Legality, and Quality Assurance Services (72302)FY2009 $557,001FY2010 $557,001
Statewide Voter Registration System Services (72304)FY2009 $6,128,900FY2010 $6,128,900
Campaign Finance Disclosure Administration Services (72309)FY2009 $290,944FY2010 $290,944
Election Administration Services (72310)FY2009 $10,147,346FY2010 $5,035,507
Voter Services (72311)FY2009 $428,495FY2010 $428,495
Administrative Services (72312)FY2009 $1,337,081FY2010 $1,337,081
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2009 $3,700,061FY2010 $3,700,061
Trust and AgencyFY2009 $15,189,706FY2010 $10,077,867

Authority: Title 24.2, Chapter 1, Code of Virginia.

A.  It is the intention of the General Assembly that all local precincts, other than central absentee precincts established under § 24.2-712, Code of Virginia will use electronic pollbooks for elections held beginning in November, 2010.

B.  Any locality using paper pollbooks for elections held beginning in November, 2010, shall be responsible for entering voting credit as provided in § 24.2-668.  Additionally, any locality using paper pollbooks for elections held after November, 2010 may be required to reimburse the State Board of Elections for state costs associated with providing paper pollbooks.

C. Municipalities will pay all expenses associated with May elections after June 30, 2009, including those costs incurred by the State Board of Elections.

D. The State Board of Elections shall by regulation provide for an administrative fee up to $25 for each non-electronic report filed with the Board under § 24.2-947.5.  The regulation shall provide for waiver of the fee based upon indigence. 

E.  All unpaid charges and civil penalties assessed under Title 24.2 shall be subject to interest, the administrative collection fee and late penalties authorized in the Virginia Debt Collection Act, Chapter 48 of Title 2.2, § 2.2-4800 et seq.