2010 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Chapter 872)

Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission

Item 48

Item 48 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2009Second Year - FY2010
Adjudicatory Research, Planning, and Coordination (32400)$1,050,960$1,050,960
Adjudicatory Research and Planning (32403)FY2009 $1,050,960FY2010 $1,050,960
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2009 $980,960FY2010 $980,960
SpecialFY2009 $70,000FY2010 $70,000

Authority: Title 17.1, Chapter 8, Code of Virginia.

A. For any fiscal impact statement prepared by the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission pursuant to § 30-19.1:4, Code of Virginia, for which the commission does not have sufficient information to project the impact, the commission shall assign a minimum fiscal impact of $50,000 to the bill and this amount shall be printed on the face of each such bill, but shall not be codified.  The provisions of § 30-19.1:4, paragraph H. shall be applicable to any such bill.

B. The Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission shall review the status of all offenders housed in state facilities operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections who are subject to consideration for parole. The purpose of the review is to determine the numbers of such offenders who have already, or will within the next six years, serve an amount of time in prison which would be equal to or more than the amount of time for which they would have been sentenced for the same offense, and under the same circumstances, under the current sentencing guidelines system. The review shall include consideration of the numbers and types of older offenders who may be eligible for geriatric release. The Department of Corrections and the Virginia Parole Board shall provide all necessary information and assistance in carrying out this review. This review shall be presented to the Secretary of Public Safety, the Chairmen of the Senate and House Courts of Justice Committees, the Chairman of the Virginia State Crime Commission, and the Chairmen of the Senate Finance and House Appropriations Committees by September 1, 2009.