2008 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Introduced)

Virginia State University

Item C-232.20

Item C-232.20 (Not set out)

1. Virginia State University is authorized to enter into a long-term lease or other written agreements with the Virginia State University Real Estate Foundation (VSUREF) for the development, design, construction, and financing of the new Campus Dining Facility. The University currently has one dining facility, Jones Dining Hall. Due to the predicted steady increase in student enrollment, construction of a new dining facility is required to meet the dining needs of the students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. To provide a logical balance in distance from the present Jones Dining Hall, the new Campus Dining Facility will be located in the proximity of the Student Village and the proposed Campus Gateway Housing Complex. VSUREF will develop this dining facility to be an integral part of and in support of the Virginia State University dining system needs.

2. Virginia State University, with approval from the Governor, is further authorized to enter into written agreements with a public or private entity to support such a dining facility. The support may include agreements to (i) manage the operation and maintenance of the facility, including collection of dining fees and (ii) otherwise support the dining facility consistent with law, provided that the University shall not be required to take any action that would constitute a breach of the University's obligations under any documents or other instruments constituting or securing bonds or other indebtedness of the University or the Commonwealth of Virginia.