2008 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Introduced)

Department of Juvenile Justice

Item 406

Item 406 (Not set out)

First Year - FY2007Second Year - FY2008
Operation of Secure Correctional Facilities (39800)$83,888,654$86,597,186
Juvenile Corrections Center Management (39801)FY2007 $8,199,342FY2008 $8,200,430
Food Services - Prisons (39807)FY2007 $5,638,710FY2008 $5,649,664
Medical and Clinical Services - Prisons (39810)FY2007 $9,033,309FY2008 $9,033,309
Physical Plant Services - Prisons (39815)FY2007 $6,823,885FY2008 $6,533,523
Offender Classification and Time Computation Services (39830)FY2007 $1,201,413FY2008 $1,201,413
Juvenile Supervision and Management Services (39831)FY2007 $42,239,244FY2008 $44,308,512
Juvenile Rehabilitation and Treatment Services (39832)FY2007 $10,499,986FY2008 $11,417,570
Minimum Security Services (39833)FY2007 $252,765FY2008 $252,765
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2007 $80,895,059FY2008 $83,552,503
SpecialFY2007 $1,313,862FY2008 $1,364,950
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2007 $25,000FY2008 $25,000
Federal TrustFY2007 $1,654,733FY2008 $1,654,733

Authority: §§ 16.1-278.8, 16.1-285.1, 66-13, 66-16, 66-18, 66-19, 66-22 and 66-25.1, Code of Virginia.

A. The Department of Juvenile Justice shall retain all funds paid for the support of children committed to the department to be used for the security, care and treatment of said children.

B.  The Department of Juvenile Justice shall update its October 2004 "Juvenile Correctional Center Utilization Report" to incorporate the results of the revised 2006 state and local juvenile offender population forecast that will be presented by October 15, 2006 to the Governor by the Secretary of Public Safety.  The updated report prepared by the department shall address its plans for the utilization of the state's juvenile correctional centers.  Such report shall first be based upon funding and staffing levels included in this act, and may include alternative plans, including  utilization of excess local detention home capacity.  The report shall also address the status of storm damage repair on affected facilities and property at Hanover Juvenile Correctional Center.  The Director of the Department of Juvenile Justice shall provide the report to the Governor and the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees no later than November 1, 2006.

C. Included in the appropriation for this Item is $838,696 from the general fund the second year for a plan providing additional compensation for juvenile correctional officers and supervisors.  The plan shall include a $1,200 increase in the salary of each juvenile correctional officer and a $600 increase in the salary of each juvenile correctional supervisor, effective November 25, 2007.  The plan shall also include salary increases related to geographic location, salary increases for long-term officers and supervisors in order to address salary compression issues, and additional compensation for officers serving in special roles that benefit their facilities.  This appropriation is contingent upon the Department of Juvenile Justice officially adopting a compensation plan incorporating these principles and submitting the plan to the Department of Human Resources Management for review and the Secretaries of Public Safety and Finance for final approval.  

D. Included within this appropriation is $930,267 from the general fund the second year for the Department of Juvenile Justice to hire the remaining 22 security positions needed to fully staff the Culpeper and Hanover Correctional Centers. 

E. Included within this appropriation is $834,673 from the general fund and $50,000 from nongeneral funds the second year for the Department of Juvenile Justice to contract for the operation of two cottages at Beaumont Juvenile Correctional Center that have been converted into transitional housing space.

F. Beginning with the effective date of any agreement whereby Culpeper County becomes a member of a detention home commission, or signs an agreement with a local detention home, to house juveniles in detention as provided in § 16.1-248.1 or § 16.1-284.1, Code of Virginia, the existing memorandum of agreement between Culpeper County and the Department of Juvenile Justice, under which the Department currently houses Culpeper juveniles who are detained, shall be terminated. Culpeper County shall satisfy any amount owed the Department for any days during which it housed such juveniles on behalf of the County, but shall be forgiven any outstanding amount for guaranteed bed space which it did not utilize. The amount to be forgiven shall be certified by the Department, and the County shall apply an equal amount to the cost of joining a detention commission, or for providing alternative programs to detention, or both, over the five-year period following termination of the agreement with the Department. The County shall submit an audited statement to the department demonstrating the appropriate expenditure of such funds no later than June 30, 2012.