2007 Session

Budget Bill - HB1650 (Chapter 847)

9(D) Revenue Bonds

Item C-328.20

Item C-328.20

A.1. The following capital projects are hereby authorized and may be supported in whole or in part through bonds of the Virginia College Building Authority pursuant to § 23-30.24 et seq., Code of Virginia. Bonds issued to finance these projects may be sold and issued under the 21st Century College Program at the same time with other obligations of the Authority as separate issues or as a combined issue.

2. The total amount listed in this Item is $41,000,000 in bond proceeds.

3. Debt service on the projects contained in this Item shall be provided from appropriations to the Treasury Board.

4. The appropriations for said capital projects are contained in the appropriation items listed below and are subject to the conditions in § 2-0 F of this act.


Agency Name/Project Title

Item #

Project Code Section 9(d) Bonds

Old Dominion University



Construct Performing Arts Fine Arts Building - Phase II



Virginia Community College System



Construct Academic Building, Phase III, Manassas Campus, Northern Virginia



Total VCBA Projects