2006 Session

Budget Bill - SB30 (Introduced)

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Mental Retardation Training Centers

Item 322

Item 322

First Year - FY2007Second Year - FY2008
Facility Administrative and Support Services (49800)$74,059,907$74,059,907
General Management and Direction (49801)FY2007 $22,073,891FY2008 $22,073,891
Information Technology Services (49802)FY2007 $2,203,811FY2008 $2,203,811
Food and Dietary Services (49807)FY2007 $15,464,841FY2008 $15,464,841
Housekeeping Services (49808)FY2007 $9,535,838FY2008 $9,535,838
Linen and Laundry Services (49809)FY2007 $2,554,014FY2008 $2,554,014
Physical Plant Services (49815)FY2007 $16,400,356FY2008 $16,400,356
Power Plant Operation (49817)FY2007 $4,333,194FY2008 $4,333,194
Training and Education Services (49825)FY2007 $1,493,962FY2008 $1,493,962
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2007 $10,557,147FY2008 $10,557,147
SpecialFY2007 $63,502,760FY2008 $63,502,760

Authority: Title 37.1, Chapters 1 and 2, Code of Virginia; P.L. 74-320, Federal Code.