2005 Session

Budget Bill - SB700 (Introduced)

Virginia Commonwealth University

Item 229

Item 229

First Year - FY2005Second Year - FY2006
Higher Education Auxiliary Enterprises (80900)$82,036,168$86,436,168
Food Services (80910)FY2005 $8,581,599FY2006 $8,581,599
Bookstores and other Stores (80920)FY2005 $10,902,811FY2006 $10,902,811
Residential Services (80930)FY2005 $11,278,181FY2006 $14,578,181
Parking and Transportation Systems and Services (80940)FY2005 $11,415,422FY2006 $12,515,422
Telecommunications Systems and Services (80950)FY2005 $6,322,562FY2006 $6,322,562
Student Health Services (80960)FY2005 $3,881,745FY2006 $3,881,745
Student Unions and Recreational Facilities (80970)FY2005 $6,433,318FY2006 $6,433,318
Recreational and Intramural Programs (80980)FY2005 $5,321,248FY2006 $5,321,248
Other Enterprise Functions (80990)FY2005 $10,987,124FY2006 $10,987,124
Intercollegiate Athletics (80995)FY2005 $6,912,158FY2006 $6,912,158
Fund Sources:  
Higher Education OperatingFY2005 $70,871,290FY2006 $75,271,290
Debt ServiceFY2005 $11,164,878FY2006 $11,164,878

Authority: Title 23, Chapter 6.1, Code of Virginia.

1. Virginia Commonwealth University is hereby authorized to use any unrestricted nongeneral funds in this appropriation to provide short-term loans to the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park Authority. Any such loan shall be used solely to make payments to contractors for work actually performed in advance of payments to the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park Authority from the federal Economic Development Administration for such expenses. Each loan shall be executed in writing and shall be repaid within the same state fiscal year in which the loan was issued.

2. By July 1 of each year, the University shall report to the Department of Planning and Budget on the amount and purpose of loans authorized for the Virginia Biotechnology Research Park Authority.