2004 Session

Budget Bill - HB29 (Introduced)

Direct Aid to Public Education

Item 156

Item 156 (Not set out)

A. Each school division shall employ with state and local Basic Aid, Education of the Gifted, Special Education, and Occupational-Vocational Education funds a minimum number of instructional positions (full-time equivalent) for each 1,000 students in average daily membership in each year of the biennium as required by the Standards of Quality; a minimum of fifty-one of such full-time equivalent instructional positions in each year shall be funded from Basic Aid and a minimum of an additional six positions of such positions in each year shall be funded by Occupational-Vocational Education Payments and Special Education Payments.

B. No actions provided in this section signify any intent of the General Assembly to mandate an increase in the number of instructional personnel per 1,000 students above the numbers explicitly stated in the preceding paragraph.