2001 Session

Budget Bill - SB800 (Introduced)

Department of Environmental Quality

Item 414

Item 414

First Year - FY2001Second Year - FY2002
Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation (51400)$8,959,261$8,917,218
Air Quality Monitoring and Evaluation (51401)FY2001 $1,692,904FY2002 $1,648,734
Chesapeake Bay Water Quality and Habitat Monitoring (51405)FY2001 $2,246,543FY2002 $2,246,924
Water Quality Assessments (51406)FY2001 $4,398,120FY2002 $4,399,505
Surface Water Investigations (51407)FY2001 $621,694FY2002 $622,055
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY2001 $6,485,171FY2002 $6,487,377
EnterpriseFY2001 $661,588FY2002 $617,293
Trust and AgencyFY2001 $50,000FY2002 $50,000
Dedicated Special RevenueFY2001 $45,864FY2002 $45,910
Federal TrustFY2001 $1,716,638FY2002 $1,716,638

Authority: Title 10.1, Chapters 11.1 and 13 and Title 62.1, Chapters 3.1, 3.2 and 24, Code of Virginia.

A. This Item includes $450,000 the first year and $450,000 the second year from the general fund to monitor water quality in the Elizabeth River. These funds shall be used to establish toxins analysis capabilities with the purpose of analyzing ambient water conditions in the Elizabeth River, collecting biological samples, and monitoring the performance of proposed best management practices.

B. Notwithstanding the provisions of Title 10.1, Chapter 25, Code of Virginia, the Department is authorized to spend up to $150,000 in the first year and up to $300,000 in the second year from the balances in the Virginia Environmental Emergency Response Fund to monitor toxic substances and to perform additional fish tissue analysis pursuant to the provisions of Chapters 17 and 1043, Acts of Assembly of 2000.