1997 Session

Budget Bill - HB1600 (Introduced)

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Department of Criminal Justice Services

Item 437.10

Item 437.10

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Crime Detection, Investigation, and Apprehension (30400)$14,785,638
Law Enforcement Scientific Support Services (30402)FY1997 $11,785,638
FY1998 $13,099,638
Financial Assistance to Localities for Intensified Drug Enforcement Services (30408)FY1997 $2,893,735FY1998 $2,893,735
Coordination of Intensified Drug Enforcement Services (30409)FY1997 $106,265FY1998 $106,265
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1997 $11,260,742
FY1998 $12,574,742
SpecialFY1997 $524,896
FY1998 $524,896
Dedicated Special RevenueFY1997 $3,000,000FY1998 $3,000,000

Authority: Title 2.1, Chapter 32, Article 2 and §§ 14.1-133.2 and 15.1-131.12, Code of Virginia.

The Department of Criminal Justice Services, Division of Forensic Science, shall maintain a fill rate of no less than 96 percent for technical positions directly related to forensic casework that are critical to public safety. The number of such positions authorized by this bill is 145 the first year and 164 the second year. The Department shall submit a quarterly report to the Secretary of Public Safety on the number of such filled forensic technical positions and a list of vacant positions. The department shall not transfer any funds from the Law Enforcement Scientific Support Services program or between personal and nonpersonal services within such program without prior written approval from the Director, Department of Planning and Budget.