1997 Session

Budget Bill - HB1600 (Introduced)

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Department of Environmental Quality

Item 408

Item 408

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Environmental Resources Management (51200)$20,872,504$20,872,504
Groundwater Management (51202)FY1997 $419,210FY1998 $419,210
Water Discharge Permit Management (51204)FY1997 $7,206,917FY1998 $7,206,917
Water Discharge Pretreatment Management (51208)FY1997 $172,124FY1998 $172,124
Permit Assistance and Operations Coordination (51212)FY1997 $708,743FY1998 $708,743
Water Resources Enforcement (51213)FY1997 $757,004FY1998 $757,004
Air Quality Stationary Source Regulation Enforcement (51214)FY1997 $6,097,697FY1998 $6,097,697
Air Quality Mobile Source Regulation Enforcement (51215)FY1997 $1,417,915FY1998 $1,417,915
Waste Permit Management (51216)FY1997 $2,267,034FY1998 $2,267,034
Waste Inspection Management (51217)FY1997 $1,312,588FY1998 $1,312,588
Waste Enforcement (51218)FY1997 $513,272FY1998 $513,272
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1997 $11,184,294FY1998 $11,184,294
SpecialFY1997 $48,118FY1998 $48,118
Trust and AgencyFY1997 $72,362FY1998 $72,362
Dedicated Special RevenueFY1997 $5,129,072FY1998 $5,129,072
Federal TrustFY1997 $4,438,658FY1998 $4,438,658

Authority: Title 10.1, Chapter 11.1, 13 and 14, Title 44, Chapter 3.5, Title 46.2, §§ 46.2-1176 through 46.2-1187.3, and Title 62.1, Chapter 3.1, 20, 24 and 25, Code of Virginia.

A. The Department shall waive fees for Water Protection Permits required for maintenance dredging and the placement of dredged materials by the United States Corps of Engineers in Accomack County.

B. Prior to January 8, 1997, the Department of Environmental Quality shall present a plan to the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees detailing the resources required to implement the Title V permitting program mandated by the federal Clean Air Act amendments of 1990. The Department shall not expend funds to implement the Title V program until sixty days after the submittal of the plan to the two committees.

C. The Director of the Department of Planning and Budget is authorized to increase the nongeneral fund appropriation and the nongeneral fund positions for the Department of Environmental Quality to address the implementation of a Title V operating permit program, in accordance with the requirements of the federal Clean Air Act. Prior to any administrative increases, the Department of Environmental Quality shall submit documentation to the Department of Planning and Budget which demonstrates: (1) the number of additional positions required for Title V and the workload justification for these positions; (2) the actual implementation date of the Title V program; and (3) the methodology used for the calculation of personnel costs related to Title V. All documentation submitted to the Department of Planning and Budget will correspond to the general program concepts provided to the General Assembly under paragraph B of this item.