1997 Session

Budget Bill - HB1600 (Introduced)

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Department of Health

Item 315

Item 315

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Environmental Resources Management (51200)$7,526,131$7,472,708
Sewage and Wastewater Regulation (51205)FY1997 $1,416,371FY1998 $1,362,948
Water Supply Engineering (51207)FY1997 $6,109,760FY1998 $6,109,760
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1997 $2,803,527FY1998 $2,750,104
SpecialFY1997 $3,090,004FY1998 $3,090,004
Federal TrustFY1997 $1,632,600FY1998 $1,632,600

Authority: §§ 32.1-163 through 32.1-176.7; 32.1-246; 32.1-246.1; and 62.1-44.18 through 62.1-44.19:1, Code of Virginia; and P.L. 95-217, P.L. 93-523 and P.L. 92-500, Federal Code.

A. It is the intent of the General Assembly that the fee schedule for charges to community waterworks be reduced to the level necessary to cover the cost of operating the Waterworks Technical Assistance Program, consistent with § 32.1-171.1, Code of Virginia.

B. The Virginia Department of Health shall develop and employ criteria to determine the relative ability of water system operators, applying for construction loans funded by the 1996 amendments to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, to contribute to the state match required to obtain these funds. The key consideration in determining a applicant's ability to pay is the measurement of fiscal stress. Based upon these criteria, an applicant may be required to match up to 20 percent of the grant funding allocated, as well as satisfy all other conditions, in order to obtain a construction loan out of this item.