1996 Session

Budget Bill - SB30 (Introduced)

Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission

Item 14

Item 14

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Legislative Evaluation and Review (78300)$2,206,443$2,206,443
Performance Audits and Evaluation (78303)FY1997 $2,206,443FY1998 $2,206,443
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1997 $2,123,893FY1998 $2,123,893
Trust and AgencyFY1997 $82,550FY1998 $82,550

Authority: Title 30, Chapters 7 and 8, Code of Virginia.

A. Out of the amounts for Performance Audits and Evaluation shall be paid the annual salary of the Director, Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission, $108,710 from July 1, 1996, to November 30, 1997, and $111,971 from December 1, 1997, to June 30, 1998.

B. The Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission shall review the mission, organizational structure and operations of the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, to determine the feasibility of consolidating law enforcement services in the two agencies, the feasibility of consolidating such other services in the two agencies or related agencies as the Commission may identify in its examination, and the feasibility of consolidating both agencies into a new wildlife and fisheries agency. The Commission shall report on its progress to the 1996 General Assembly and to each succeeding session until its work is completed. The review shall include, but not be limited to, an examination of the program and cost-efficiencies possible from such consolidation(s), the potential for redirecting financial savings from such consolidation(s) to other needs identified as high priorities by the agencies or their governing boards, and such existing or new funding sources that might be feasible to support such consolidation(s). The Auditor of Public Accounts shall provide such assistance in this review as may be requested.