1996 Session

Budget Bill - HB30 (Introduced)

Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

Item 381

Item 381

First Year - FY1997Second Year - FY1998
Administrative and Support Services (47900)$7,464,935$7,464,935
General Management and Direction (47901)FY1997 $1,556,442FY1998 $1,556,442
Computer Services (47902)FY1997 $1,143,763FY1998 $1,143,763
Food and Dietary Services (47907)FY1997 $1,032,097FY1998 $1,032,097
Physical Plant Services (47915)FY1997 $3,732,633FY1998 $3,732,633
Fund Sources:  
GeneralFY1997 $1,559,162FY1998 $1,559,162
SpecialFY1997 $5,437,773FY1998 $5,437,773
Federal TrustFY1997 $468,000FY1998 $468,000

Authority: Title 51.5, Chapter 4, Code of Virginia; P.L. 93-112 and P.L. 95-602, Federal Code.

Onsite services available through Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center shall include, but not be limited to: vocational services, including evaluation, and pre-vocational, academic, and vocational training; independent living services; transition from school to work services; rehabilitative engineering and assistance technology; and medical rehabilitation assessment services, including inpatient, outpatient, supported living, community re-entry, and family support.