2022 Session

Budget Amendments - SB29 (Member Request)

Chief Patron: Governor Youngkin
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Withdrawal (language only)

Item 4-5.12 #1g

Item 4-5.12 #1g

Special Conditions and Restrictions on Expenditures
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Withdrawal


Page 347, after line 36, insert:


Notwithstanding the Clean Energy and Community Flood Preparedness Act (§§  10.1-1329-1331) or any other provision of the Code of Virginia, the Department of Environmental Quality, the State Air Pollution Control Board, and any other applicable state office, state board, or state agency shall stop participation in an auction program to sell allowances into a market-based trading program consistent with, or participation in, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and shall stop enforcing and rescind any regulation that adopts its authority from or is directly supportive of participation in such an auction program. The Department of Environmental Quality shall take all steps necessary to terminate all contracts with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Inc. and the states participating in RGGI. Additionally, the Departments of Environmental Quality, Conservation and Recreation, Housing and Community Development, and Energy, and the Virginia Resources Authority shall not incur any obligations or expenditures, or direct the payment of revenues generated from the Commonwealth's participation in RGGI, without prior written approval by the Governor."


(This amendment directs the impacted state agencies and entities to begin terminating the Commonwealth’s participation in RGGI and prohibits the expenditure of revenues generated from participation in RGGI without prior approval of the Governor.)