2022 Session

Budget Amendments - SB29 (Floor Approved)

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Transportation Initiatives

Item 447.10 #1s

Item 447.10 #1s

First Year - FY2021 Second Year - FY2022
Department of Transportation FY2021 $0 FY2022 $190,000,000 GF

Page 226, line 33, strike "$170,796,000" and insert "$360,796,000".

Page 226, line 35, strike "$170,796,000" and insert "$360,796,000".

Page 226, line 37, strike "$170,796,000" and insert "$360,796,000".

Page 226, line 49, strike "$170,796,000" and insert "$360,796,000".

Page 227, line 3, strike "Up to" and insert "Prior to May 31, 2022,"

Page 227, line 3, strike "Item 447" and insert "the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission".

Page 227, line 25, strike "and,"

Page 227, strike lines 29 through line 47 and insert:

"8. Up to $190,000,000 shall be transferred to Item 447 for improvements to nine miles of Interstate 64 in both directions between Exit 234 and mile marker 223;

9. Up to $45,000,000 shall be transferred to Item 431 for improvements to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport that will enhance the capabilities of the Spaceport to support existing programs and provide access to space for new customers and programs. These amounts shall remain unallotted until the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding and a performance agreement is entered into by a guided missile and space vehicle parts manufacturer that, between January 1, 2022 and January 1, 2042, is expected to: (i) make, or cause to be made, a capital investment of at least $103,000,000; and (ii) create and maintain 246 new jobs with average annual wages of $76,643 per job;

10. Up to $30,000,000 shall be transferred to Item 447 to support the planning, development, and construction of multi-use trails throughout the Commonwealth. Priority shall be given by the Board to new regional trails, projects to improve connectivity of existing trail networks, geographic diversity in the use of such funds, and for the establishment of a State Trails Office consistent with the January 2022 "Report of Virginia Multi-Use Trails Initiative" established pursuant to subsection G of this Item. Prior to May 31, 2022, up to $1,500,000 of these amounts shall be transferred to Item 446 in support of initial operational overhead costs to establish the State Trails Office and to develop a State Trails Plan and State Trails Information Clearinghouse. In developing the initial State Trails Plan, the State Trails Office shall coordinate with the State Trails Advisory Committee and the Department of Conservation and Recreation to ensure consistency with the Virginia Outdoors Plan;

11. Up to $30,000,000 shall be transferred to Item 451 and provided, consistent with the provisions of § 4-13.00 of this Act, for one-time payments to localities eligible to receive funding for Financial Assistance for City Road Maintenance (60701);

12. Up to $5,000,000 shall be transferred to Item 381 to support efforts to address the loss of wildlife habitat impacted by transportation projects in Hampton Roads;

13. Up to $5,000,000 shall be transferred to Item 442 for deposit to the Transit Ridership Incentive Fund established pursuant to § 33.2-1526.3, Code of Virginia, and consistent with the provisions of § 4-13.00 of this Act, for regional connectivity programs focused on congestion reduction and mitigation through the provision of long-distance commuter routes; and

14. Up to $796,000 shall be transferred to Item 438 for customer service enhancements and automation improvements at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Commissioner, in consultation with the Secretary of Administration and the Governor's Chief Transformation Officer, is authorized to issue a Request for Information for (i) updating customer-facing web applications; (ii) pursuing the use of artificial intelligence in day-to-day activities; (iii) the issuance of digital passports and mobile driver's licenses; (iv) improving customer service, specifically through smart phone technologies and the use of self-service kiosks; and (v) other innovative technologies to improve the overall customer experience. The Commissioner is further authorized to enter into agreements with surrounding states for the purpose of building a multi-state consortium to improve the overall customer experience across state lines."

Page 227, strike line 52.

Page 228, strike line 1 through line 3, and insert:

"D. Any funds not allocated by June 31, 2022 for the purposes set forth in this section shall not revert to the general fund, but shall be carried over to the next fiscal year for the identified purposes."


(This amendment provides an additional $190.0 million GF in FY 2022 and modifies the proposed allocation of $115.8 million GF that was included in the introduced budget related to FY 2021 surplus revenue that is statutorily dedicated for transportation purposes.)