2022 Session

Budget Amendments - HB30 (Member Request)

Chief Patron: Governor Youngkin
Acquisition: Acquire Land for Culpeper Battlefields State Park

Item C-51.10 #1g

Item C-51.10 #1g

First Year - FY2023 Second Year - FY2024
Natural Resources
Department of Conservation and Recreation FY2023 $4,953,800 FY2024 $0 GF

Page 536, after line 22, insert:

"C-51.10 Acquisition: Acquire land for Culpeper Battlefields State Park$4,953,800$0
Fund Sources:  General $4,953,800 $0 "

Notwithstanding Item 375 F. of this act, the Department of Conservation and Recreation is authorized and directed to accept the transfer of at least 1,457 acres of property currently owned by land preservation organizations in Culpeper County in order to create the Culpeper Battlefields State Park and expend no more than $3,400 per acre as consideration for such transfer.  The department is authorized to undertake improvements to provide the following user activities: heritage tourism, camping, fishing, boating, equestrian activities, biking, and historical and military education.  The park shall open for public visitation no later than July 1, 2023, and contain only those improvements minimally necessary for the activities listed herein and consistent with the preservation and protection of existing historic, cultural, archaeological, and natural resources.”


(This amendment provides a one-time general fund appropriation of $4.95 million to create a new state park in Culpeper County that will offer multiple recreational and educational opportunities, without significant improvements to the property.)