2021 Session

Budget Amendments - SB1100 (Member Request)

Chief Patron: Newman
CO - VCCS - CVCC Renovations of Amherst and Campbell Halls

Item C-23.5 #1s

Item C-23.5 #1s

First Year - FY2021 Second Year - FY2022
Virginia Community College System FY2021 $500,000 FY2022 $0 GF

Page 620, after line 14, insert:

"C-23.5 - - Amherst and Campbell Halls$500,000$0
Fund Sources:  General $500,000 $0 "


(This amendment provides planning funding for renovations of Amherst and Campbell Halls on CVCC's campus. These two buildings are the oldest on their campus. Amherst (54,042 Square Feet) and Campbell (19,550 square feet) Halls comprise the core classroom space for Central Virginia Community College. Amherst Hall was built in 1968 and has not undergone any major renovation in the 46 years since it was constructed. Campbell Hall was completed in 1974 and likewise has never had a major renovation on the upper level. Amherst and Campbell Halls are not equipped or designed to meet new and emerging industrial and technology needs. Learning environments and instructional technology have changed in so many ways that existing facilities must be modernized to allow faculty to take advantage of the new technologies, and to provide skills training to meet the needs of both existing industry and emerging industries/technologies. Amherst and Campbell halls house the college’s physical science, information technology, health technology, welding, and engineering programs. The renovation of these buildings will therefore enable CVCC to add and modernize critical lab space in each of these areas—all of which are absolutely vital to STEM-H employers in the Lynchburg region. By providing facilities that are crucial to the credentialing of tomorrow’s workforce, these renovations will help the college meet the needs of business and industry and fuel the post-pandemic economy in the region. Campbell Hall, in particular, represents a vital element of CVCC’s regional CTE academy, which has been endorsed by all local school divisions and has now received a $400,000 GO Virginia Grant. Life Safety issues in these two buildings are in critical need of improvement. Amherst has no Fire Extinguishment System or Construction features such as smoke barriers, fire walls or necessary interior finishes. The proposed renovation would address these critical issues. Campbell hall is a two story facility that has no elevator, door systems that do not meet ADA requirements and other Life Safety Code requirements. The electrical systems are inadequate for 21st Century educational technology. HVAC is in need of upgrade to include new air handlers. Floor coverings are in desperate need of replacing. This includes tile that will require asbestos removal. Safety and security issues extend to control of access and doors and emergency response capabilities.)