2015 Session

Budget Amendments - SB800 (Conference Report)

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Front Page Adjustments (language only)

Item 0 #1c

Item 0 #1c


Page 1, strike lines 39 through 51.
Page 2, strike lines 1 through 4 and insert:

"First YearSecond YearTotal
Unreserved Balance, June 30, 2014405,810,0000405,810,000
Additions to Balance(219,394,360)1,900,446(217,493,914)
Revenue Stabilization Fund470,000,000235,000,000705,000,000
Official Revenue Estimates17,186,022,25517,720,628,85734,906,651,112
Total General Fund Resources
  Available for Appropriation18,487,432,45618,522,042,27837,009,474,734".

Page 2, strike lines 6 through 23 and insert:

"First YearSecond YearTotal
Balance, June 30, 20144,945,503,35004,945,503,350
Official Revenue Estimates25,734,466,49725,307,014,35652,041,480,853
Lottery Proceeds Fund557,555,450531,667,9251,089,223,375
Internal Service Fund1,771,892,9761,801,509,4813,573,402,457
Bond Proceeds792,874,586248,608,0001,041,482,586
Total Nongeneral Fund Revenues
  Available for Appropriation33,802,292,85928,888,799,76262,691,092,621
TOTAL PROJECTED REVENUES52,289,725,31547,410,842,04099,700,567,355"

(This amendment reflects the general fund and nongeneral fund revenue adjustments included in the Conference Committee amendments recommended to House Bill 1400/Senate Bill 800.)