2015 Session

Budget Amendments - HB1400 (Floor Approved)

General Assembly Members - Standing in Court Actions (language only)

Item 4-0.01 #1h

Item 4-0.01 #1h

General Provisions
Operating Policies

Page 519, after line 14, insert:
"e.  In fulfillment of his duties as a constitutional officer, any sitting member of the General Assembly, where the member has reason to believe that the Governor or an agency is acting contrary to its authority or to the laws of the Commonwealth, shall have standing to bring suit against any agency of the Commonwealth in order to compel the agency to comply with the laws of the Commonwealth. Any suit filed pursuant to this section shall be immediately dismissed in the event that the member leaves or is removed from the General Assembly for any reason prior to the resolution of the suit."

(This amendment clarifies that members of the General Assembly have standing to bring suit against agencies that act in contrary to the Code of Virginia.)