2005 Session

Budget Amendments - SB700 (Conference Report)

Capitol Restoration (language only)

Item C-1.10 #1c

Item C-1.10 #1c

General Services, Department of

Page 487, after line 23, insert:
Authority:  GF  NGF  Total
Chapter 955 (2003)  $68,020,000  $5,972,000  $73,992,000
Changes Authorized
in Chapter 897 (2004)  $5,031,000  $7,853,000  $22,884,000
Total Authorization  $83,051,000  $13,825,000  $96,876,000

The total appropriation of $96,876,000 for renovation and southern extension of the Capitol includes:
Renovation of Capitol Building and Southern Extension $ 89,331,333
House $ 2,450,000
Senate $ 2,214,667
House $1,600,000
Senate $1,200,000
Governor $ 80,000
Total $96,876,000
The Department of Accounts shall advance $13,151,217 to the Department of General Services in anticipation of revenues to be received for the completion of the renovation and extension of the Capitol.   These funds shall be used to finance the nongeneral fund authority for the cost of renovation, landscaping, furnishings, fixtures and equipment authorized in Chapter 897 of the 2004 Acts of Assembly.  This revenue anticipation note may be repaid in whole or in part, without interest, at any time from grants, private donations, a general fund appropriation, Virginia Public Building Authority bonds, or such other sources as may be available from the income of the Capitol Square Preservation Foundation."

"C-1.10 State Capitol Renovation and Southern Extension
Fund Sources: Commonwealth Transportation

(This amendment provides a $13,151,217 Treasury loan to be issued by the Department of Accounts for the renovation and extension of the Capitol as authorized in Chapter 897 of the 2004 Acts of Assembly.)