2021 1

Budget Bill - HB1800 (introduced)

Item 477 Amendments

First Year - FY2021Second Year - FY2022
Member Request
477#1hProvide 10% Salary Increase for Correctional Officers$0$39,500,670
477#2hHB 2228 - Cover Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Through Workers Compensation$0$1,000,000
477#3hInclude COVID-19 Under Presumption Clause for First Responders Under Workers Compensation $50,000$50,000
477#4hProvide Hazard Pay and PPE to Essential Employees$0$250,000
477#5hFund the Impact of HB 1822: Cost-Sharing Payments for Prescription Asthma Inhalers$0$56,000
477#6hInclude DOC Special Investigator Unit Officers in VaLORS$0$100,000
477#7hHB 1818 - Include EMS in Presumption Clause for Hypertension and Heart Disease$0$50,000
477#8hProvide Funding to Increase Compensation for VMRC Officers $0$3,400,000